Tone-It-Up Tuesday: Leg Burners

Hello lovelies! I am blogging from Atlanta tonight. I am here for work a couple nights this week. Short trips (2 nights) are usually fun for me and make the work week go by really quickly.

I wanted to give you a quick exercise that you can do while watching TV or during a commercial break. This is the type of workout you can do ANYWHERE and with no equipment. It is a short burst that can be combined with your normal workout. It may seem easy but I promise by the end of the first minute: you will be feeling the burn. :)

You will need to lay on your side and extend your legs up (like a dancer). That side position is what you will be in during the entire 8 minutes. You will do one side/leg for 4 minutes and then switch to the other leg. Remember to hold your core in the entire time. See the picture below for the position your body should be in:



8 Minute Leg Burner Workout

  • 30 seconds of leg extensions
  • 30 seconds small circles forward
  • 30 seconds small circles backward
  • 30 seconds of leg extensions
  • 1 minute hamstring curls (feet flexed)
  • 30 seconds tap front and back
  • 30 seconds small leg extensions (keep these smaller and more concentrated than the previous ones--this will burnnnn and feel awesome)
  • Repeat on the other side!
  • Stretch and enjoy that burn :)