Tone-It-Up Tuesday: Tricks to Curb Your Cravings

I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth. I know that if calories and health did not matter to me: I would eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. :) I'm a bit out of control.  I do not think any food is "bad" or off-limits, however it is all about balance, people.

Some people ask me: "Do you eat all those goodies you bake on your blog?" Why, yes I do! I just try not to eat all of them. I give about half of them away to friends and family and then have a couple pieces of it myself. Eating an entire pan of brownies is not good for anyone--no matter how much you work out or eat healthy the rest of the day!



People also tell me "If I ate all the sweets you do, I'd be 800 pounds." Not necessarily. If you read my blog on the regular, you see that I workout 6 days a week and most of the time am eating healthy foods, full of whole grains, now vegetables (YAY!), protein and fruits. I choose to have a sweet every day and my body is happy with that. I live a healthy lifestyle and sweets are part of it. :)

Sometimes, I get a little crazy and want dessert after every meal! That cannot happen so I have a few tricks to help curb these cravings:  

  1. Drink a glass or two of water. We all need to be drinking more water anyway! An extra few glasses a day helps tremendously. Sometimes I'm just thirsty and not actually hungry. 
  2. Take Rocco for a 10-15 minute walk. This takes my mind off things and allows me to enjoy Rocco and the outdoors.  
  3. Call a family member or friend. Again, this is to take your mind off the dessert/treat.  
  4. Have a piece of candy instead of a plate of brownies. This can curb your craving--just a little bit of chocolate goes a long way sometimes.  
  5. Have green tea or decaffeinated coffee/tea. Tea and coffee is soothing and can be a treat in itself.  

Still hungry? Eat the brownie! It's okay. Don't feel guilty for having a treat. It makes me sad when people tell me "I cannot believe I ate that cookie you gave me." We should be enjoying our lives and as long as we live a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and working out: a brownie or cookie will not hurt you. :)

I'm off my soap box now. Onto workouts for last week:

  • Sunday: 30 minutes of Physique 57
  • Monday: 5.5 mile run, 20 minutes Tank Top Arms
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes power ab video, 30 minutes Physique 57
  • Wednesday: 3.8 mile tempo run, 20 minutes Tank Top Arms
  • Thursday: Insanity Strength Workout
  • Friday: 6 mile run, Tank Top Arms
  • Saturday: Rest day and 30 minutes Physique 57  

Question: Do you have any tricks to curb your cravings? Also, do you enjoy desserts as much as I do?