Fall Means: Sweet Potato Bread

What does Fall mean to you?

To me...Fall means scarves, boots with skinny jeans, boots with skirts and leggings, chunky warm sweaters, pumpkin flavored lattes, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, pumpkin blondies, pumpkin cookies, my mom's oyster dressing annnnd: sweet potato bread. :)  


My family rented a place we liked to call "Wade's World" for a year while our house was being built. We named it "Wade's World" because the man we rented it from was named Wade.

I was 8 years old during that time (right, Mom?). It was such a fun place for both Ashlin and me because of ALL there was to explore. We had acres to explore, lots of cats next door (I think our neighbors had 15 cats), out houses in the backyard to stare at, snakes on the road, a golf cart to drive around in and lots of trails to bike. I look back on times there and think how fun and carefree we were! Such great memories!

Let me get to the point...I promise there is one. Mildred was Wade's mother? or wife? It's sad that I don't remember the difference but I was only 8 years old at the time so age was such a crazy thing to me. Mildred would come over occasionally and bring the most amazing muffins I've ever tasted. We could never figure out what they were or what the flavor was...we just ate them like nobody's business and craved them all the time. We still talk about them to this day--no muffin lives up to Mildred's Muffins.  


Well, that was until Averie posted her Sweet Potato Bread recipe. I am telling you: I took one bite of it and it took me back to those days at Wade's World. Those muffins were sweet potato muffins and taste just like Averie's recipe! I am ecstatic to find a recipe so similar. I've had a few slices this week and think of Wade's World and Mildred while eating the delicious sweet potato bread. Thank you, Averie, for ending my hunt of Mildred's muffin recipe. :)

I followed Averie's (from http://www.averiecooks.com/) recipe to a tee on this one except I roasted the sweet potatoes in the oven instead of microwave. As my readers know, Averie is one of my favorite bloggers with her creative recipes, love for peanut butter and zest for life. She is inspiring! Please click on the link below to find the recipe for this amazing bread:


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Question: Is there a food that brings you right back to your childhood? Or brings back amazing memories?