My 25th Year

It was a great birthday weekend for me! Austin really did an awesome job of making me feel special. Saturday included a cupcake festival in downtown Knoxville, the farmers market, and a food tour of Knoxville, oh yeah: and sushi! Can you tell that I love FOOD?! haha! I'm still full even thinking about all of that. I loved every part of it and want to do it all over again every day.  

I just wanted to reflect a little bit on my 25th year. So much happened and a lot of changes took place! Here are the bits and pieces... 

I love this moment during my bridal portraits because my mom made me laugh. :)

I love this moment during my bridal portraits because my mom made me laugh. :)

  • Moved to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee for Austin's med school
  • Started The Sweet Mash
  • Started working remotely (I worked for the same company in an office too but they were nice enough to let me work remotely--so grateful!) 
  • Planned a wedding with my mom, Becca (our amazing wedding planner), and Austin
  • Got married!  

What's going to happen in year 26? Well, you never know! God has my plans perfectly lined up and I'm just along for the ride. One thing I do know is that I am going to be moving next summer somewhere else because of Austin's rotations...that will be a welcome and fun change that I am looking forward to.  

What do I hope for year 26?

  • I hope I continue to be humbled by this med school experience. Being a med student's wife definitely has it's challenges (ups and downs). I've learned more about myself this last year than I ever have. I hope I continue to be humbled and grateful for where we are. 
  • I hope I continue to blog on The Sweet Mash. Ya'll are amazing and I cannot even tell you how much it means to me that I have people to read my blog. I am inspired by each of you and will continue to learn from you.
  • I hope I continue to run. I've learned over the past month that running is great therapy for me and it's good for me to spend time on just "me."  
  • I hope I continue to grow emotionally and challenge myself through my work, relationships and life experiences. 
  • Also...I hope I eat cake. :) Or a dessert atleast once a week...I LOVE baking and I love eating!

Question: What did you learn about yourself last year? What do you hope to learn this coming year?